Colour Printed Protectors

Pan protectors available in more than 10 different solid colours.

We are proud to produce these pan protectors from first-class material in Europe. Our soft material is specially developed to become a safe pan protector. This means clean fibres, which are 100% safe to be in contact with food. We do NOT use the Chinese fibres, which could be harmful for your health.

Anyhow these solid coloured pan protectors are available directly from our warehouses in The Netherlands. As there are many sizes of cookware available we produce these pan protectors also in a variety of sizes. Always a correct size available for your pan.

The standard packing is with our ‘Papillon’ header card. No problems however to make a Private label packing. We love to do this. These coloured pan protectors can easily be printed with a logo. For more information click here.

100% safe for food contact

Anti-slip backing

Heat resistant until 200°C

Ideal shape also protects the sides

 Available in 5 different sizes to fit all cookware, bakeware and servingware

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